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As a SAP Practice Member:

You own a company profile page that is accessible and maintained via your login

Your profile page includes a provision for:

  • describing your business
  • the ability to create articles
  • the ability to add technical tips and techniques

Your resource option package will:

  • allow you the ability to add up to 4 of your personnel/contractors to the Resource Pool with the administration rights to add, remove and replace these Resources
  • give you the ability to archive your Resources for future recall and replace with a new member at a fixed cost of $50 US per replacement
  • reduce the Finders Fee to just the SAPQuestMarket component of $250 US for each Resource placed

In addition you will:

  • full access to the Customer RFQ Pipe Line
  • have the full content of your page available to the site search engine
  • see the list of Contractors/Individuals willing to participate as a pre-sale resource
  • participation access to the Discussion forums
  • get site access statistics against your page profile
  • get site statistics against your resources contained in the Resource Pool
  • linked access to your company web site
  • all this at a competitive price of $700 US annual

Join SAPQuest Market Now!

NB The planned Go-Live for the SAP Based Practice is May 2006 with the Recruiter/Agency Go-Live targeted for First Quarter 2006 and Go-Live for the Customer Module is targeted for July 2006. By joining now you will receive the first 3 months free of charge as a trial period. While you will receive a user-id/password All Small Based SAP Firms are contacted by SAPQuestMarket to verify information supplied. Once verified the full functionality of the site is enabled.


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