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Are you an Individual who wants to advertise your Resume content
without the Employer knowing?

Here's How Your Personal Details Remain Private!

has a
Privacy Policy
in which your
personal identification
contact details are hidden to the public.

Notice most of the mandatory fields are also identified as "Private".

This indicates
which fields
never displayed.

Personal Details remain hidden!
This is the Screen seen against the Search Results. Your Display ID K 771277 is seen and not your name.

High level
view of your
Profile after clicking
on your display ID

The display
of your
past jobs does not
show the name
of your employer
or the location
other than
the Country.

a prospective
new employer
wants to contact
you they click on
and fill out
a contact Form.
Notice there is none
of your
Personal Contact information
made available.

When the Send button is hit, this is what the enquirer sees.

This is the resulting eMail that you receive. Note that the email indicates it was sent from

The enquirer's email comes via the site so there is no trace of your email back to them.


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