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Can You Walk on Water - A January Observation


Customer posts an outline to multiple preferred resource placement vendors that borders on the extreme.... SAPQuestMarket can help the three players

Here is an extract from a Job Posting on Dice...

"....Three or more years experience in ABAP and other technical development work for one or more of the SAP R/3 modules and SAP products used by the District including CCs, Print Workbench, SAPScript, BW, ESS, IXOS, Business connector, Enterprise Portal and other SAP web enabling technologies. Developers duties shall include, but not limited to technical design, coding, unit testing, integration testing, training, documentation, production support, trouble shooting, performance tuning, developing RFCs, ALE, BAPI, interfaces, custom reports, custom forms using SAPscript, user exits and customization or bolt-ons....."

As a contractor that has worked with SAP for any period of time we soon come to realize knowledge comes with hard knocks. It takes time and projects to walk on water on one topic let alone the grocery list above.

Why is this worthy of a "Note" on SAPQuestMarket. This job description was placed by three placement vendors. They have to respond in due respect to what the customer wants. We as contractors, should we have some experience in two or more of these topics would like to approach a vendor.

Well which one do we approach? We know, once we have approached one, that's it as you can't join three camps at once.

It would be great if we could say all three vendors have equal weighting with the Customer but that's not necessarily so.

For the placement vendor, the most qualified person who gets in front of the customer first has the highest chance of winning.

SAPQuestMarket can help all three camps in the following ways.

For the Contractor: As SAPQuestMarket becomes known as "one of the best" sites to check for resources, we as contractors can be approached by the Placement Vendors individually. Please keep in mind this site has been created with the Contractor/Individual in mind. The SAPQuestMarket staff will be polling the Dice and Monster like dotcom sites for these opportunities and will draw attention to SAPQuestMarket to indicate, come to the site and do some searching. Voila, you get the vendor approaching you and you hold the trump card as they see your details on the site but don't have the right to represent you until you say so. Now you can measure the three vendors and decide who you want to deal with. In the past sending in your Resume was like giving the Vendor the green light to your future, sort of a "luck of the draw"

For the Placement Vendor: You are in the tough position of having to respect the Customer's wish list. SAPQuestMarket can give you an edge, you will now be able to see and have access to the caliber of resources you need. If you are one of the preferred vendors well, let the SAPQuestMarket member know. You may also be in the position where you have openings with a customer but you don't want to advertise and leak the opportunity. SAPQuestMarket will most certainly provide multiple resource potentials without having to publicly advertise.

What does it cost the hiring entity? A Finders fee of $500 US that is split 50/50 between SAPQuestMarket and the site Contractor/Member that you place. In other words access to the resource pool has no cost, the Finders fee happens on placement only. It is a win/win scenario as we are not biting into your profit margins.

For the Customer: If your tendering process is structured to work through Placement Vendors where you lean towards one, maybe your approach of blitzing the market with a wish list might be handled differently with SAPQuestMarket and the equivalent type sites. How?

This is a hard one to answer as it requires the ability to view the future. Your approach might be: use the key word search feature of SAPQuestMarket to get a preliminary list of potential resources. You can review the individuals in more detail and establish a shorter shopping list. You then pass this list on to your three vendors and say, "Here is a start and they are close, or not". Well the vendors now have new angles to work with as they;

- have to consider what can they do to convince this contractor they are the better vendor to work with

- may be able to say they have someone who is not in the SAPQuestMarket list but has even more .....

As a Customer, you might even think of approaching the SAPQuestMarket members directly. What does it cost you as the hiring entity - a Finders fee of $500 US that is split 50/50 between SAPQuestMarket and the site Contractor/Member that you take on. It doesn't cost you anything to look.


Suffice it to say SAPQuestMarket is on the leading edge if not founding the leading edge of an online Business Center Model for the SAP Market Place. You can watch and/or join in the evolution of building this business model.
We welcome both participants.

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