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SAPQuestMarket uniquely provides Marketing functionality
to five SAP® based participants, creating a synergy of
Business Opportunities.


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Raising the Bar

SAPQuestMarket provides tailored day to day Resource functionality for SAP Customers,
SAP Practices, Contractors, Recruiting Agencies and
Individuals seeking new Employers in the SAP® Market Space. The content and visibility is
managed by each member via their Login/Password access.

Members and Non-members alike will have access to Articles and Tips, authored by topic experts marketing their skills through SAPQuestMarket as well as, usage of the unique Project and Task search engine. In addition membership includes access to Discussion Forums.

The cost for participation ranges from nothing as an annual individual member to a
small annual amount for a Firm / Agency.

SAPQuestMarket looks forward to providing a unique and synergistic Market Exchange for the
SAP® driven business place.


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