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As a SAP Contractor / Individual Member:

You own a profile page that is accessible and maintained via your login

This profile page includes a provision for:

  • describing your background experience
  • maintaining past SAP Projects along with the Technical Task Assignments
  • the ability to create articles
  • the ability to add technical tips and techniques

In addition you will:

  • have the full content of your page available to the site search engine
  • regain control on what is visible to the world, unlike Resume sites that take over the management
  • receive customer enquiries as email via SAPQuestMarket links
  • get site access statistics against your page profile
  • receive 50% of the $500 US Finders Fee once collected
  • as a member send us your Resume and we will enter it for you
  • all this comes to you for Free

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Finders Fee A Finders Fee is incurred by the hirer when an offer is made to and accepted by a Contractor / Individual member of SAPQuestMarket.

An Invoice is issued to the Hirer and is payable to SAPQuest Market Strategies Inc. Payment to the Individual/Contractor is on receivement of vendor payment.
Splitting of the Finders Fee The Finders Fee is split 50-50 between the Contractor / Individual and SAPQuestMarket. The exception is seen with the SAP Based Firm. The Finders Fee associated with an employee or Contractor of that Firm in which a job offer happened while they were listed under the Resource Package is $250 US. This reduced amount is owed to SAPQuestMarket and the SAP Based Firm is invoiced.


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