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SAPQuestMarket is targeted to accommodate five market players involved with SAP Technologies.

If you are ...

An SAP Customer

As a Customer, end point results done with cost effective resources is the bottom line for your technical needs.

SAPQuestMarket provides a Discussion Forum for you to tap into a pool of SAP Professionals and ask your Technical Questions while hide your Identity

  • this site is not a Resume pool
    • instead it is a market exchange forum
  • this site does not knock on your door
    • unless you want it to, you control your visibility
  • this site doesn’t charge for membership usage
    • membership access entitles you to powerful features

An SAP Contractor / Individual

As a Contractor or Individual, market visibility is part and parcel to engaging a new Contract or finding your new Employer.

SAPQuestMarket gives you that market visibility.


  • provides a market forum generating a wide audience
  • gives you the ability and ownership to market your professional skill sets through login access to your own page
  • provides you feedback of site access to your business page
  • put site generated revenue back into marketing campaigns
  • you regain control on what is visible to the world, unlike Resume sites that take over the management of content and visibility
  • you become a sales agent
  • you can enhance your visibility with authoring Tips and Articles
  • when engaged via SAPQuestMarket enquiries you share 50% of the finders fee of $500 US
  • all this comes to you for Free

An SAP Practice

As an SAP Practice, your position in the Market space comes from your Center of Expertise.

SAPQuestMarket will most definitely provide additional visibility and market penetration.


  • you own and manage your marketing page via login access
  • ability to add up to four of your Resources to the Resource Pool bringing additional visibility to your technical resources
  • ability to publish articles, tips and techniques
  • having access to participating Customer RFQs
  • own and manage your own discussion forum where site members can ask you questions, and thus bring another mode of visibility to your company’s expertise and specialization
  • have alliances facilitated just on the basis of membership and look at competing with the Big 5 Firms
  • linked access to your company web site
  • all this at a competitive price of $700 US annual

An SAP Recruiter / Agency

As a Recruiting Firm your market strength is driven by your Resource pool and your Customer alliances.

SAPQuestMarket distinguishes a Recruiter as an Individual or Firm who serve as an Agent. Agencies are Firms that specialize in staffing and managing a project. SAPQuestMarket will add positive returns to either business.


  • expose your company profile and list of openings to a highly viewed site
  • present opportunities to align yourself with a Contractor pool that can participate in pre-sale customer proposals
  • bring you new volumes of enquiries from members and non-members
  • be able to use the site search engine, establish your list of candidates and then email your enquiries and job postings to this list
  • retain profile search selections for future point and click use
  • have access to Customer RFQs
  • own and manage your company profile page as well as job openings via your Login/password access
  • have the prestige stamp of acceptance by the site as Recruiter and Agencies have to meet some specific guidelines
  • all this for an annual fee of $700 US and coverage of a finders fee of $500 US per placement

A Visitor

As a non-member visitor this site is targeted to bring you back for a second look.


  • if you are seeking work, you have access to job postings seen in the Recruiter Section
  • if you are looking for resources you have full search access to the Resource Pool
  • you have access to the published articles and technical tips

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